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Yukihiro Kiyomizu (清水 幸宏 Kiyomizu Yukihiro) is a character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Yukihiro is a member of the Metropolitan Police Department Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. He is a good boss watching his subordinates while tinkering with his hobby plastic model during his duties.


Yukihiro is of average height with a sturdy build. He has light-brown hair that is cut short and small, yellow eyes framed with short and thick eyebrows.

Under his open beige suit coat, Yukihiro wears a cream-and-blue v-neck vest with a white undershirt and a red collar with a yellow windowpane pattern. He also sports beige pants, brown shoes, and a pair of red oval eyeglasses with thick frames.


Through his actions, Yukihiro appears quite laid-back and carefree. He is cheerful when addressing his employees as their supervisor and is willing to place a decent amount of trust on them as seen with Haru Kato.[1]


Episode 1

Yukihiro makes his first appearance in Haru Kato's office, where he is seen reading a book. After receiving a call from the Security Division, Haru informs the chief that the Classic Car Festival required some extra help. Yukihiro tells Haru that he will trust him with providing backup and returns back to reading.

The next day, Haru arrives at his desk and asks about the incident report, to which Yukihiro responds that he didn't have to send it. Soon after, Daisuke Kambe enters the office and Yukihiro happily greets him. To Haru's dismay, Yukihiro reveals that Daisuke would start working among them as of that day.

Episode 2

Yukihiro is building a model ship when Haru declines to mentor Daisuke. When Daisuke arrives to the office Yukihiro points him to his new seat, and dismisses Haru who was assigned to visit the Stop Shoplifting Campaign.

At the end of the episode, he is seen talking to Shinnosuke Kamei, saying that the order from the higher ups, and cannot be helped. When Haru returns from a confrontation with Daisuke, Yukihiro stops him and asks if he could go to Hong Kong that weekend, explaining that they had to send someone over to a symposium to discuss an international crime. When he reluctantly accepts, Yukihiro thanks him and tells him to talk to Daisuke for more details.


Haru Kato

Yukihiro is Haru's superior as the chief of the Detective Division. He appears to trust Haru enough to go handle issues on his own, such as providing backup for an important festival.[1] Likewise, Haru is respectful to his boss and easily complies with his requests.


  • The name Yukihiro means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (yuki) and "wide, large" (宏) (hiro).
  • Yukihiro's surname Kiyomizu means "clear, pure, clean" (清) (kiyo) and "water" (水) (mizu).