Suzue Kambe (神戸鈴江 Kanbe Suzue) is a supporting character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Suzue Kambe first appeared during Haru and Daisuke's stakeout. At first, her identity was unknown and she was only seen as Isezaki's favorite.

Daisuke tells Haru that Suzue was his relative, correcting the man when he had previously assumed that she was his wife.


Suzue Kambe has pale complexion and a slim figure with long, smooth black hair reaching past her chest and parted to the left side of her forehead. She has blue-gray eyes and relatively thick eyebrows.

She wears a hot pink undershirt, brown shorts, and a taupe-colored coat with brown markings tied around her waist. Her shoes are a nude color and she dons multiple accessories which include a small watch and earrings.

Her mechanic uniform consists of a white tank top under a light pink jumpsuit. She puts her hair up in a bun and accessorizes with hot pink gloves, goggles, a black pouch around her arm, and white shoes.


Suzue, unlike Daisuke, seems innocent and maidenly at first glance, an impression which she uses to her advantage while performing undercover work. While not as unassuming as people make her out to be, Suzue is still unfailingly kind and polite.

Additionally, Suzue has a passion for mechanics and is shown to be quite intelligent.


Episode 2

Suzue's first appearance

Suzue makes her first appearance.

Suzue comes out of a building with two other girls to meet with Isezaki. She later is seen by Haru Kato being "seduced" in Isezaki's car, dumbfounding Haru. Haru continues to follow Isezaki and once again sees the two on a date, Suzue gladly accepting the small bag of drugs given to her.

Suzue reveals her weaponry

Suzue shows off her crafted weaponry to Daisuke.

When pulling out of a parking lot, Haru spots her and follows her yellow sports car to an impressive mansion. In Daisuke's basement, she emerges from under an armored vehicle and introduces herself as Suzue Kambe. She explains that she has been doing undercover work under Daisuke's orders and begins to discuss an upcoming drug party hosted by Mikio Umezu, the leader the underground crime group, Gondawara-gumi. When Haru gets fed up with Daisuke and starts to leave, she stops him, asking him if he'd like a meal and a bath first. Leaving him be, Suzue then uncovers a tray, showing off her newly constructed weaponry to Daisuke.

She arrives at the roof of the drug party piloting an attack helicopter, positioning it so that Daisuke would have a clean line of fire.


Daisuke Kambe

Daisuke is Suzue's relative. Most of the context of their relationship is currently unknown, however, they live with one another in their mansion and seem to be on relatively good terms.

Daisuke acknowledges Suzue's many talents and does not get in the way of her projects. Suzue often assists Daisuke on his missions and they are a very effective team that works well together.


  • When she was first revealed, she was only known as "???" or "Mysterious Woman."



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