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Shinnosuke Kamei (亀井 新之助 Kamei Shin'nosuke) is a supporting character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Shinnosuke is a member of the Metropolitan Police Department Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. He works on his own pace, and his enthusiasm for work is not so strong.


Shinnosuke is a tall, skinny man with pale skin. He has sandy blonde spiked up hair and yellow-brown eyes.

He wears a yellow sweater with pink patterns over a white dress shirt and yellow tie. He wears black socks and light brown dress shoes. Outdoors, he puts on blue blazer to pair with his light blue pants.


Shinnosuke does not care much for his work and shows enthusiasm for work only when Motoyama from Security is mentioned.

He is shown to be very dramatic as he pretends to have been shot fatally by a red paint bullet.


Episode 1

His first appearance is followed by inappropriate noises erupting from his computer as he frantically mutes it, cursing the website's ads.

When Haru Kato asks him if he knows anything about the First Division case, he responded that he didn't know anything in particular, dismissing the conversation.

When Haru first asks Shinnosuke to accompany him to the Classic Car Festival, he makes up an excuse about finding an important website. His excuse is quickly forgotten when Haru brings up that Motoyama would be there as well. Haru sighs in exasperation as Shinnosuke enthusiastically prepares to leave. On his times table, it is noted that he planned to head straight home.

While driving to the festival, he remarks that he heard First Investigation Division members liked to drink at a place around Ginza. When bringing up the Haru used to work there too, Haru unapologetically slammed on the brakes, causing Shinnosuke to bang his head against the car dashboard. Shinnosuke then points out a black, sleek nice-looking car, to which Haru responds that anyone with a respectable job would never drive a car like that.

At the festival, the two chat about how the "speed demon" prince of Abura Emirates who would be participating. Shinnosuke, impatient, wails about where Motoyama would be and begins to complain how they get cheap pay when others get to drive exotic and expensive cars. When Haru says that they don't do it for the money, but for justice, he asks if Haru's stubbornness was why he was demoted. When theu spot members of the First Division, they quickly follow.

The two catch up, however their interaction with Ryo Hoshino and his partner was not friendly. Shinnosuke begins to eavesdrop on Ryo's earpiece with Haru and hears the description of the suspect's van when Yoko bumps into Motoyama. Seeing Motoyama fall, Shinnosuke acts quickly and goes to confront Yoko who shoots him. He dramatically falls to the floor and clutches Motoyama's hand, ready to confess his love as his dying words while Motoyama weeps. However Haru ruthlessly kicks him in the shoulder, telling him to get back up. Touching his blazer, Shinnosuke realizes he was actually hit by a red paint bullet. Motoyama, who was holding him up, promptly drops him back on the floor.

Hearing the calamity in the next street, Shinnosuke speculates that it might be the prince who was butting his way through the precession of cars. When the car swerves into the street pole next to him, he covers his face in second-hand embarrassment.

The next day, he's at his desk again and whispers to Haru that the damage cost for yesterday's case was paid double for. They both look up when the door opens up to reveal Daisuke Kambe, remembering him as the man who crashed his car.

Episode 2

Shinnosuke suddenly yells in shock, to which Haru tells him to shut up. He continues, pointing to his computer and saying that a model Haru liked, Akiko Hoshida, just died from a drug overdose.

When Haru steps out of Interrogation Room A, Shinnosuke is outside waiting for him. The two later go into Interrogation Room B to watch Chosuke Nakamoto's interrogation. After getting the name of the suspect, Yuta Isezaki, Shinnosuke quickly pulls out his instagram profile. He explained that he was a model and a commentator on tabloid shows.

At he end of the episode, he comments on the arrest. Supposedly lots of information was taken from Mikio Umezu's smartphone, like details of Akiko's murder.


Haru Kato

Shinnosuke and Haru are co-workers in the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. He seems to be the closest with Haru, although Haru constantly has to force him to work and dismisses Shinnosuke's attempts when it comes to talking about his time in Investigation Division 1.


Even though Motoyama is an older woman, Shinnosuke does hold feelings for her. The two seem very fond of one another, and Shinnosuke is shown to be very protective of her. His lazy nature quickly becomes replaced with with enthusiasm when Motoyama is involved.


  • The name Shinnosuke means "fresh, new" (新) (shin), "this" (之) (no) and "help, rescue, assist" (助) (suke).
  • Shinnosuke's surname Kamei means "turtle, tortoise" (亀) (kame) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).