Ryo Hoshino (星野 涼 Hoshino Ryō) is a character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Ryo is a member of the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division I.


Hoshino Ryo has purple-tinted brown hair paired with eyes of the same color. He is regularly seen wearing his Investigation Division I suit.


Hoshino Ryo appears to be very serious, especially when it comes to his job. While mainly behaving in a contemplative and cordial manner, Ryo is not above taunting and belittling others, as shown in his interactions with Haru Kato.


Episode 1

Ryo Hoshino is first seen running with other First Investigation Division coworkers, pausing briefly when Haru Kato asks him what's happening. Ryo blows him off and continues to follow his colleagues.

While scouting for the bomber at the Classic Car Festival, he notes that there is 35 minutes until noon when Haru and Shinnosuke Kamei run up to him. When questioned about his case, he tells them that it has nothing to do with them, and his partner taunts them to go help lost kids. He snags back his earpiece from Haru who had taken it to listen and remarks again how First Investigation matters no longer have anything to do with him. From his earpiece, Ryo and Haru hear how the suspect is under custody before moving on to another scene.

Haru angrily asks why they didn't cancel the Car Festival when there was a bomb threat. Ryo retorts that they did suggest it, but there was interference from the Kantei since the prince would be attending the festival. He comments that Haru has not changed and still has his naive sense of justice.

Haru and Shinnosuke eavesdrop on Ryo's call EP1

Haru and Shinnosuke eavesdropping on the First Investigation Division bomb threat case.

After the Superintendent questions about the location of the bomb, Haru and Shinnosuke are seen eavesdropping on Ryo's earpiece one again, where they hear that the bomb is still present in a white van. When robbers Yoko and Hiroshi steal the vehicle to make their escape, Ryo and his partner quickly get into a police car to chase them, leaving Haru and a "wounded" Shinnosuke behind.

Ten minutes until noon, Ryo and his partner are caught in traffic where they try to figure out why the roads are so clogged up, unaware that Daisuke had been manipulating the traffic lights through HEUSC.


Haru Kato

It is heavily implied they Ryo and Haru may have been partnered together when the latter was still in the first division. While they are still on polite speaking terms, with Ryo still using honorifics when talking to Haru, Ryo occasionally taunts Haru, saying his justice is naive. They currently seem to have a strained relationship, with Haru regularly attempting to use Ryo as a window into current First Division cases, and Ryo constantly shutting him down.




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