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Mahoro Saeki (佐伯 まほろ Saeki Mahoro) is a supporting character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Mahoro is a member of the Metropolitan Police Department Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. She is the only woman in the current headquarters. She loves sweets and always checks for new work.


Mahoro is a woman of petite stature with pink hair that is pulled up into a high ponytail with short bangs and light brown eyes.

Her attire consists of a casual white dress shirt with a light blue ribbon, a knee-length blue skirt, and dark blue low heeled flats.


Mahoro is portrayed as a kind, friendly and good-natured young woman who regularly goes around the office offering her coworkers candies. She is very unassuming and is shown to be somewhat superstitious, believing that getting a red gummy is a lucky start to the day.


Episode 1

Mahoro briefly appears in Episode 1 where she is snacking and drinking tea with Chosuke Nakamoto.

Episode 2

Mahoro walks up to Chosuke Nakamoto and offers him a snack. She then goes up to Daisuke Kambe and presents a pack of gummy fish. When he gets a red gummy, she excitedly tells him that it's lucky.


  • Mahoro's surname Saeki means "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "eldest brother, chief, count, earl, uncle, Brazil" (伯) (eki).