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File:Haru and Shinnosuke eavesdrop on Ryo's call EP1.pngFile:Haru boards Daisuke's jet to Hong Kong EP2.pngFile:Haru grabs Daisuke by the collar.png
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File:Ryo watches Haru pack up EP3.pngFile:Shinnosuke Kamei.pngFile:Shinnosuke Kamei Expression Sheet.png
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File:Suzue Kambe.pngFile:Suzue Kambe Expression Sheet.pngFile:Suzue Kambe Reference Sheet.png
File:Suzue explains she was working undercover EP2.pngFile:Suzue profile.pngFile:Suzue reveals her weaponry.png
File:Suzue wonders about Haru's actions EP2.pngFile:TV動畫「富豪刑事 Balance UNLIMITED」正式PVFile:Teppei Yumoto.png
File:Teppei Yumoto Expression Sheet.pngFile:Teppei Yumoto Reference Sheet.pngFile:Teppei profile.png
File:The Millionaire Detective - Balance UNLIMITED TrailerFile:The Millionaire Detective - Balance UNLIMITED Trailer 2File:The Millionaire Detective - Balance UNLIMITED Trailer 3
File:The STAGE KV 1.pngFile:The costumed individual runs away with the evidence EP2.pngFile:Volume 1 Aniplex Special.png
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File:Yoko's masked appearance EP1.pngFile:Yoko and Hiroshi make up.pngFile:Yoko and Hiroshi see Daisuke.png
File:Yoko and Hiroshi threaten the shopkeeper EP1.pngFile:Yoko anime.pngFile:Yukihiro Kiyomizu.png
File:Yukihiro Kiyomizu Expression Sheet.pngFile:Yukihiro Kiyomizu Reference Sheet.pngFile:Yukihiro profile.png
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