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Katsuhiro Takei (武井 克弘 Takei Katsuhiro) is a side character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Katsuhiro is a member of the Police Agency's "Investigation Division I." He is the chief of the Investigation Department, and takes the lead when it comes to field work. His subordinates carry a strong trust with him. He also cares about his former subordinate, Haru Kato.


Katsuhiro has a sturdy and confident figure. His hair is colored dark brown and is slightly swept to the side, revealing his forehead. He has light brown eyes and thick eyebrows along with some minor stubble.

Katsuhiro wears a white dress shirt with a light gray vest and a darker gray suit jacket on top, along with matching gray pants. He also wears brown shoes and an orange tie. His suit jacket has a small, circular red pin on its lapel.




Katsuhiro was a member of the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division I since he was at least thirty years old. During his time in the division, he became colleagues with Yukihiro Kiyomizu and Chosuke Nakamoto, working under the latter as his junior. He also met the soon-to-be director at the time, Tatsunori Saiki, and eventually married Tatsunori's daughter. When Chosuke implied Katsuhiro had ulterior motives for marrying the chief's daughter, Katsuhiro consistently denied it.

The Sayuri Kambe case.

One night, Katsuhiro and Chosuke were having a talk over drinks when the pair was called to a crime scene. There, they discovered Sayuri Kambe's body and concluded her death was the result of murder. The pair proceeded with the case, and, after being unable to gather information on Sayuri's husband, Shigemaru Kambe, from Kikuko Kambe, Chosuke stole the Kambe family album. Although Katsuhiro was against the theft, he went along with Chosuke as they identified Shigemaru as the suspect and continued looking for information. The two resolutely pursued the investigation, which forced Katsuhiro to miss the birth of his child. On hot days, they would often sit on a bench and eat watermelon popsicles while talking about the case.

Right before he prepared to leave his office one night, Chosuke suddenly found a hidden key in the album with the symbol for adollium and Katsuhiro identified it as a locker key. Although Yukihiro Kiyomizu sternly advised them not to dig in too deep, they continued searching for Shigemaru and the locker. At some point, Katsuhiro stole the key from Chosuke's drawer.

Katsuhiro announced he had found the locker on the same day Chosuke received news of Shigemaru's presumed suicide. Although Katsuhiro tried to convince him to check out the contents of the locker, Chosuke refused after realizing the key was missing. It was hinted that Katsuhiro took the stolen key to the locker anyways and was subject to a traumatizing experience after being in the presence of an unnamed man.

Chosuke and Katsuhiro talk about the case's conclusion.

After the case was closed with Shigemaru's "death," Katsuhiro and Chosuke had one last chat on the bench while eating the watermelon popsicles. Katsuhiro let his popsicle melt while listening to Chosuke speak about the dissolving investigation headquarters and the latter parts with a gift to Katsuhiro for his child, telling him to become a father he could be proud of. Chosuke and Yukihiro were later demoted to the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force, and Director Saiki died in a car accident six months after. Katsuhiro rose up to the status of division chief in Investigation Division I, but he would always feel indebted to Chosuke and hoped to solve the case as a way to repay his former senior.[1]

During his time as chief, Katsuhiro would meet Haru Kato and Ryo Hoshino, members of Investigation Division I, and appearead to be on quite friendly terms with them. When Haru misfired during an incident, Katsuhiro consoled and tried to convince him that he was in the right. However, Haru ultimately resigned from the division, and Katsuhiro kept his resignation letter in his desk.[2]

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  • The name Katsuhiro means "overcome" (克) (katsu) and "vast, broad, wide" (弘) (hiro).
  • Katsuhiro's surname Takei means "military, martial" (武) (take) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).