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Hiroshi (ヒロシ Hiroshi) is a minor character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Hiroshi appears in the first episode as a jewelry robber. It is implied that he is in a relationship with Yoko and that they are both affiliated with an illegal syndicate.


Hiroshi's masked appearance.

Hiroshi is a male of average height. He has curly blonde hair, brown eyes and wears lots of jewelry, such as multiple piercings and a gold chain. He wears a blue and gray bomber jacket over a black t-shirt and white jeans with pink sneakers.

Just like Yoko, Hiroshi has a cat mask he uses in a robbery. Its white, black, and red pattern is identical to Yoko's and covers the top half of his face.[1]


Hiroshi is shown to be very unassertive and meek, leaving Yoko to be more authoritative. He tends to be a bit selfish and careless, choosing to spend all the syndicate's money on other women and choosing to save himself instead of helping Yoko. However he is becomes quite cautious when he is being held accountable.


Episode 1

At the Classical Car Festival in Ginza, Hiroshi is seen looking for potential jewelry shops to rob with his partner, Yoko. As they move from shop to shop, Hiroshi comments on the guards and how they wouldn't be able to defeat them despite Yoko claims that they could.

Annoyed at Hiroshi's indecisiveness, Yoko attempts to call off the idea of a robbery and leave, however Hiroshi grabs her and pleads with her to stay. She obliges but berates him for putting them in this situation in the first place by blowing all of his money.

Hiroshi and Yoko threaten the shopkeeper.

Yoko suddenly spots a small shop across the street that appeared to have low security with its lack of guards, and she excitedly goes to enter it with Hiroshi. They don half-cat masks as Yoko threatens the shop owner at gunpoint for all of their money and jewelry. Hiroshi tries to tell Yoko that the jewelry is unnecessary, but she continues the threat anyways. Much to their dismay, the shopkeeper tells them that the shop does not sell jewelry, only chocolate.

The pair takes some of the shop's money and goods and run out, with Yoko bumping into a police officer. When she is confronted by Shinnosuke Kamei, Yoko shoots him with a paint bullet as Hiroshi looks for a means to escape and finds a white van with keys already inside. Yoko takes the wheel and they drive off with several police cars following. As they make their escape, they are confused to see the number of officers following them, unaware of the bomb ticking in the back of the van.

Yoko and Hiroshi see Daisuke.

Yoko and Hiroshi make it past traffic and notice the sheer number of cars in a traffic jam opposite them as they drive onto a bridge. However, as they continue, the bridge suddenly begins to separate and the two scream as they begin to slide down the road. Daisuke Kambe then hits the back of the van with his car and smugly smiles at them, receiving another yell from Yoko and Hiroshi after they spot him. Hiroshi thinks for a moment and then apologizes to Yoko as he exits the van, safely landing on the road and leaving Yoko to fend for herself. She curses at him as she tries to find an opening to drive away.

Yoko and Hiroshi make up.

With Haru Kato's help, Yoko is able to make it out of the situation alive. She meets Hiroshi at the bottom of the bridge and he apologizes to her, bringing her into a hug. Although reluctant at first, Yoko returns the hug and forgives her partner.



It is implied the Hiroshi and Yoko are in a relationship. Hiroshi says that Yoko is the only person he has. While the two are practically opposites, they regulate one another, Yoko being assertive while Hiroshi makes sure she doesn't do anything too rash.

Throughout the first episode Hiroshi continues to strain their relationship, first by annoying Yoko with his indecisiveness, and later by leaving her to be thrown in the river. However by the end of the episode it is clear that the two clearly find comfort in each other.