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Haru Kato (加藤 春 Katō Haru) is one of the main characters of Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited. He currently works in the Detective Division for the Metropolitan Police Department.


Haru is a member of the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force's Metropolitan Police Department. He is a hot-blooded humanistic detective who hates dishonesty and bending. Initially, he belonged to Investigation Division 1 as a promising rookie. However, upon engaging in a traumatic incident, Haru grew incapable of using a firearm and resigned from the division, moving to the current headquarters at the start of the series.


Haru is a young man of above-average height with dull light-brown-gray (taupe) colored hair that is somewhat unruly and styled with messy and loose bangs framing his face and golden eyes.

Haru wears a regular white dress shirt decorated with a loose, dark-green tie and gray suit pants. He also dons brown shoes and a short beige jacket with dark brown accents.


As a Metropolitan Police Department member, Haru is rather passionate about his job and can be quick-tempered when others' lives are at stake. He is humanistic and just, often taking the moral high ground when performing his police duties. He goes as far as risking his own life to protect those in danger, as seen when he uses himself as a shield to guard civilians when Daisuke Kambe nearly hits them with his car.[2] Haru is also willing to intercept or obstruct those of higher rank than him to increase the chances of a case being solved appropriately.[2]

Haru detests corruption or bribery of any kind, regularly disgusted by Daisuke's dependency on wealth and negligence of morals.

He is also shown to be hard-working and sympathetic towards others, as seen when he pays attention to the street performers trying to make a living. Later on, while spying with Daisuke, he chose to remain in the car and to follow the suspect at all time, despite being exhausted and sleep-deprived.[3]

Despite his determined and straight-laced demeanor, Haru is shown to have several expressed issues, haunted by his past failures in Investigation Division I, and unable to handle a gun because of it. This is shown to be a sore subject, and Haru violently reacts whenever it is brought up.


  • The name Haru means "spring" (春).
  • Haru's surname Kato means "add, increase" (加) (ka) and "wisteria" (藤) (to).


  • According to his official data profile, Haru's hobbies and skills include judo and self-cooking (to save money).[4]