HEUSC (ヒュスク Hyusuku) is Daisuke Kambe's butler in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


HEUSC is only described as Daisuke's butler, however, they appear to be an AI program. They manage all of Daisuke's requests immediately and seems to communicate through Daisuke's earring and sunglasses.


Episode 1

After Daisuke takes the Abura Emirate's seventh prince's credit card, HEUSC scans it. Daisuke requests for his check and HEUSC obliges, pulling up a check for one billion yen (~$9200000.00) which is quickly signed by Daisuke. They then inform him that the deposit was completed and his balance is unlimited. A screen with blue tiles pops up, and the validation, process, and transaction are all marked completed.

Daisuke later asks them where the location of the stolen van is and receives a response that it is heading towards Shinagawa. When Haru Kato confronts Daisuke about taking responsibility for his recklessness, he puts his hand on his earring to contact HEUSC. HEUSC once again accepts Daisuke's requests and not only sends double the damage costs as reimbursements to anyone affected, but also starts to manipulate the traffic so Daisuke could corner the van on the bridge "legally."

Haru suspiciously asks who Daisuke is talking to, and only gets "my butler." as a response. HEUSC informs Daisuke that the target vehicle will reach the destination soon.

As Daisuke reveals his plan to drop the van with the bomb into the river, another scene of HEUSC's work is pulled up, showing that a "Tokyo Movable Bridge Opening Special Request Form" was sent to the Bureau of Construction, Tokyo and was accepted.

Episode 2

HEUSC makes a brief appearance, informing Daisuke that he successfully purchased The Tower and his balance remained unlimited.



  • HEUSC stands for "Heuristic Scaler.[1]"
  • HEUSC's original name was actually HEUEXE (ヒュクス Hyukusu), however, due to a typo, HEUSC (ヒュスク Hyusuku) became his new name.

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