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This article outlines the Image Policy for the wiki. It includes guidelines about anything related to adding and uploading images. These rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Please refer any questions to an active administrator.

Acceptable vs Unacceptable Images

Acceptable Images

  • Images related to the series and taken directly from the official media or any other official source.
  • Anime screenshots should not have subtitles, watermarks, or editor credits.
    • Officially posted images are exempt from this rule (such as episode teasers) as there may be watermarks/text officially placed.
  • Only .png, .jpg, or .gif file extensions are allowed. Many other file extension types (such as .BMP) are not uploadable.

Unacceptable Images

  • Image collages.
  • Fanart of any form, for any reason.
  • Images unrelated to Fugou Keiji or any of its derivations.
  • Images with improper filenames.
    • Filenames such as 'Screenshot 12345.png' or 'asdfGHJKL.jpg' are not permitted. Files should have a brief description of what the image depicts.
    • If a file has potential to be used but is poorly named, please mark it with {{Rename}} in the file summary and include a proposed filename.
  • Files in any other format other than .png, .jpg, or .gif.
  • Images with unofficial watermarks.
  • Images specifically meant for your profile, even if the image is related to Fugou Keiji.
    • Please upload them to another image sharing site and import them here.
  • Nudity and any other kind of image that shows explicit scenes, even if it is from an official source, according to FANDOM'S Terms of Use.
  • Duplicate images.
    • If you find a duplicate image, please mark it with {{Duplicate}} in the file summary and include the filename of the duplicated image.
  • Fake images.
  • Uploading images and not using them in articles or character galleries.
Failure to abide by the 'Acceptable Images' policy will result in the image(s) being deleted. In extreme cases (eg. breaking FANDOM's Terms of Use via image upload), a temporary or permanent block from the wiki may be necessary.

Uploading Images

When you upload an image to this wiki, please provide the minimum necessary information:

  • Descriptive Filename: Files should be named to outline key elements that occur in the image. For certain files, there are specific naming conventions:
    • Character profiles: Image galleries usually have a section dedicated to containing a profile of the character's appearances and reference sheets, and images should be named accordingly and specific to that character. See Haru's image gallery for examples of how to name these images.
    • If there is an image that has potential to be used but is improperly named, please add the {{Rename}} template to its file summary.
  • Licensing: The Fairuse template should be added to every image you upload that is from an official source. It can be added by selecting 'Fair use' in the dropdown licensing menu below where the file is renamed, or through manually editing it in by putting {{Fairuse}}.
  • Categorization: After you upload a file, please add the appropriate categories via the button at the bottom of the page, at the tab on the right hand side of the Classic Editor screen, or manually typing them in. These categories should include which characters are in the image, which episode/media you took the image from, and what kind of image it is if applicable (ex. Episode Teasers, Reference Sheets, etc.).

Please add uploaded images to each respective image gallery of the character(s) in the images. This prevents duplicates from being uploaded.

Additional Information

If there is any confusion on how to add and organize images, feel free to reference any other related page with similar information. Please do not hesitate to contact an active administrator if you have questions.

This page is referenced off of the One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Kimetsu no Yaiba wiki policies.