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This article describes the Conduct Policy for the wiki. It includes guidelines about anything related to expected conduct on the wiki in terms of both editing and making comments. These rules apply to any article pages, talk pages, and comment sections and are subject to change without prior notice.

Please refer any questions to an active administrator.

General Conduct Guidelines

All users and viewers on the wiki are expected to uphold a level of appropriate personal conduct. While disagreements may occur due to differences in opinions, they should be settled civilly and in a non-condescending or petty manner. Users should avoid edit warring. Conflicts are better resolved through message walls or talk pages.

If there are signs of a disagreement brewing, please notify an administrator to step in and issue warns or suggestions if necessary.



Vandalism is the act of purposefully ruining content and/or adding misinformation and is absolutely not tolerated. Some forms of vandalism may include:

  • Deliberately messing up content, whether it be uploading media that violates the Image Policy, ruining proper page or template structures, deleting or reverting previously accurate edits, etc.
  • Removing content from pages for no valid reason.
  • Edit warring.
  • Unnecessary addition or removing of categories.
  • Moving pages to inappropriate and/or inaccurate titles.
  • Breaking the guidelines outlined in the Manual of Style.
  • Creating unnecessary pages or adding information that has no appropriate relation to Fugou Keiji.
  • Spreading misinformation.

Behavior which may be considered vandalism that is not listed here is up to the discretion of the admins and moderators to determine a suitable punishment.

Edit Wars

Edit Warring refers to a dispute between editors that may be the result of disagreements.

In the event a conflict does happen, the issue should be resolved in a polite manner and users should never resort to being rude or attacking others/edits. If you believe your edit/your reverting of an edit may cause a constructive debate, please use the edit summary to explain your reasoning. If it escalates from there, users should transfer the discussion to the talk page or their message walls. If necessary, administrators may step in.

Article Comments

Notice: Article comments are currently disabled due to spam. They will be reenabled in the future.

Article comments are meant to be a place where viewers and editors can discuss the series and give constructive feedback on the article. As such, there are rules in place to avoid making the environment hostile:

  • Profanity and inappropriate language will never be allowed, and such comments may either be censored or deleted. Please remember that there may be users who would rather not see such language for any reason. These comments are also more capable of creating an unfriendly setting.
  • Advertising social media/websites that are not official Fugou Keiji-related sites is strictly prohibited. However, you may link to the affiliated subreddit and Discord server.
  • Users should never harrass each other. Conflicts are to be settled civilly.
  • Spamming, offensive content, and nonconstructive criticism will be removed.
  • Any other comments that may promote a toxic environment will be removed.

Warning System

On this wiki, users that break any rule to a certain degree will receive a single warning in that category. Another occurrence of breaking a rule in the same category (Manual of Style/Image Policy/Conduct Policy/Discussions) may result in a temporary block from the wiki.

In extreme cases (such as not following FANDOM's Terms of Use), users may receive an immediate block or even a permanent block. Punishment regarding said cases are up to the discretion of the administrators.

If you see a case of blatant rule breaking, please revert the edit if you can and contact an administrator immediately.

This page is referenced off of the One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Kimetsu no Yaiba wiki policies.