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Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED is a Japanese animated series produced by Cloverworks, directed by Tomohiko Ito and is adapted from Yasutaka Tsutsui's orginal work, Fugou Keiji.

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The story centers around millionaire Kanbe Daisuke, the heir to one of the wealthiest families in Japan, who is assigned as a detective to the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force (aka MCPTF), at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Taking full advantage of his vast family wealth, he spares no expense in solving complex crimes, and has the tendency to evaluate everything including individual human lives in terms of their monetary value. Katou Haru, a detective with a compassionate heart who believes that money isn't everything, is chosen as Kanbe's partner but is repulsed by his materialistic attitude. Having diametrically opposing personalities, witness how the two join forces to tackle seemingly unsolvable crimes and mysteries!


In Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED, Daisuke Kambe is assigned to the "Modern Crime Prevention Task Force," and while partnered with Haru Kato, he solves cases in unconventional ways.

TV動畫「富豪刑事 Balance UNLIMITED」正式PV

TV動畫「富豪刑事 Balance UNLIMITED」正式PV

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