The Millionaire Detective (富豪刑事 Fugō Keiji) is a novel series by Yasutaka Tsutsui running from 1975 to 1977, composing of four stories, with illustrations by Hiroshi Manabe. It is published by Shincosha.[1]



  • In 1979, it was converted into a radio drama in FM Tokyo's Sound Bookshelf.
  • In 1985, it was turned into a manga illustrated by Shun Sekiguchi, spanning one volume.
  • In 2005, it received a TV drama series adaptation starring Kyoko Fukada as Miwako Kambe, the main character. A second season aired in 2006, titled "Fugou Keiji Deluxe."
  • In 2020, an anime called Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited began airing.


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