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A golden key can open any door (金で開かない扉はない Kin de akanai tobira wanai) is the ninth episode of Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Even after those people were murdered, Daisuke claims that this incident is an internal problem of the Kambe family. The rift between Daisuke and Kato has become so serious that they decide to go their separate ways. However, Kato is apprehended by the First Investigation Division as a material witness. The remaining members of the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force follow the clues about the suspect that Cho-san left behind. Suzue claims to have seen the actual suspect inside the Kambe residence, and clearly states that it was none other than Shigemaru Kambe.

Costs Incurred

Purchase/Damage Cost (¥) USD Cost ($)* Notes
Glutna's advertisement ¥110,020,000,000 ~$1012184000.00 Cost to start Daisuke and Suzue's smartphone campaign in Tokyo to get camera footage.
Glutna prize money ¥10,000,000,000 ~$92000000.00 Prize money for the first 100,000 people who completed the Glutna campaign task.
ASV (Active Support Veil) ¥160,000,000,000 ~$1472000000.00 Cost to make the Active Support Veil gadget.
Amphibious modifications to Daisuke's car ¥200,000,000 ~$1840000.00 Cost for the modifications made on Daisuke's car.
TOTAL ¥280,220,000,000 ~$2578024000.00 Total cost for the purchases and modifications done in Episode 9.

* This is assuming a conversion rate of 1 Japanese Yen (¥) = 0.0092 US Dollars ($).

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Daisuke quits the MCPTF.
  • Daisuke receives confirmation that his father faked his death.
  • Haru is taken into custody by Investigation Division I.
  • The MCPTF crew (with Ryo's help), Daisuke, and Suzue locate Shigemaru.
  • Daisuke and Haru infiltrate a cargo ship.


The following is taken from Gizmodo Japan's ASV article.

The Active Support Veil (アクティブ・サポート・ベール Akutibu Sapōto Bēru)[1], or ASV, is an armor-like gadget worn by Daisuke to infiltrate the cargo ship. It takes the appearance of a spray-on high-tech black bodysuit that radiates purple energy in active areas and can be used to improve the user's physical capabilities. Although the suit is thin like a veil, it is designed with material and equipment that greatly enhances defense and attack power.

Some of the ASV's features include:

  • Increased defensive capabilities.
  • Increased attack power (with physical function support).
  • Optical camouflage.

Although it may appear to be a complex gadget, its functions can be realized using already existing technologies (such as micro/nanorobotics, magnetic levitation, and EMS).