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Nothing makes a man so adventurous as an empty pocket (空っぽのポケットほど、人生を冒険的にするものはない Karappo no poketto hodo, jinsei o bōken-teki ni suru mono wanai) is the fourth episode of Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Daisuke decides to leave home after, it seems, not wanting to eat natto for breakfast. While leaving the estate, ignoring Suzue’s pleas to return, Daisuke gets a call from Haru, who asks Daisuke to help him out with something at a park. Daisuke gets a ride to the park from the Kambes’ butler/gardener, Hattori.

Upon arriving at the park Daisuke finds an exhausted- looking Haru, who introduces him to a young child named Tsuyoshi Nomura. Tsuyoshi begs Daisuke to help him find “Shiro”, his puppy. Haru asks Daisuke to use HEUSC to locate the dog. While reaching up to access the AI butler, Daisuke realizes he left both his earring and his phone back at the mansion. Daisuke blandly tells Haru and Tsuyoshi that he can’t use his money magic today.

Tsuyoshi tearfully asks Daisuke if he’ll help them look for Shiro. Daisuke refuses, and Tsuyoshi starts to cry. Daisuke gives in and agrees to look for the dog, and Tsuyoshi reveals that he was fake crying the whole time to force Daisuke into searching for the dog with him. A grinning Haru tells Daisuke that he fell for the trick too.

Daisuke tells Tsuyoshi that Shiro’s probably gone back home. Tsuyoshi dashes off with the detectives in pursuit.

Meanwhile, at the Kambe residence, Suzue paces nervously and informs Kikuko that she’s worried about Daisuke. Kikuko tells her that Daisuke will come home when he’s hungry.

Tsuyoshi, Haru, and Daisuke shoot an animal that looks like Haru run into a yard. They follow it, only to realize that the animal was a white cat belonging to a stranger. Haru decides to wrap things up for the day and asks Tsuyoshi which way his house is, only for Tsuyoshi to realize that he‘s completely lost.

Haru brings Tsuyoshi to a police station where his mother can pick him up. As Haru leaves Tsuyoshi reminds Haru that he promised to look for Shiro. While leaving the station Haru realizes that Daisuke is still waiting outside. Daisuke informs Haru that he doesn’t have any money whatsoever at the moment, and that he doesn’t want to go home. Kikuko and Suzue, watching the pair shop at a convenience store from their surveillance footage, wonder why Daisuke doesn’t want to return home.

While waiting in line, Haru asks Daisuke if he got into a fight with his wife, Suzue. Daisuke informs him that Suzue is a relative, and Haru seems overjoyed. Haru and Daisuke arrive at Haru’s apartment and begin cooking. Daisuke cuts himself while chopping potatoes. Haru finishes cooking while Daisuke takes a shower.

The two eat dinner and drink soju. After Daisuke is disgusted by the expensive ham Haru purchased, the latter cooks “tuna bean sprouts“, which Daisuke enjoys much to Haru’s delight. The pair watch a cop movie while drunk, which Haru finds inspiring while Daisuke nods off. Suzue stays up the whole night to watch security footage from outside of Haru’s apartment.

Haru wakes up hungover and notices that Daisuke must have left, only to find him sleeping in the bathtub moments later. Daisuke leaves, and Haru spends the day searching for Shiro with Tsuyoshi. That evening Daisuke appears with “Shiro”. Tsuyoshi is overjoyed to see his dog again, while Daisuke informs Haru that the dog isn’t actually Shiro but a sibling of Shiro from the same breeder. Haru angrily tells Daisuke that money can’t buy everything. Daisuke explains that the real Shiro was hit by a car and hands a somewhat placated Haru the bill for the dog.

Daisuke returns home with a few ingredients. He prepares the Kato family’s “Devil’s Natto Rice” for Suzue, to the astonishment of Kikuko and Hattori.

Costs Incurred[1]

Purchase/Damage Cost (¥) USD Cost ($)* Notes
Purchase fee for Shiro's brother ¥55,000 ~$506.00 The cost to purchase Shiro's brother from the breeder. The original price was ¥50,000, and sales tax made up for the additional ¥5,000.
Train fare ¥370 ~$3.40 Price of Daisuke's train fare to return to his mansion.
Natto ¥23 ~$0.21 Cost of the natto Daisuke purchased. Used to make "The Devil's Natto Rice" Daisuke served to Suzue.
Mayonnaise ¥71 ~$0.65 Cost of the mayonnaise Daisuke purchased. Used to make "The Devil's Natto Rice" Daisuke served to Suzue.
Soft-boiled eggs ¥52 ~$0.48 Cost of the soft-boiled eggs Daisuke purchased. Used to make "The Devil's Natto Rice" Daisuke served to Suzue.
Black pepper ¥100 ~$0.92 Cost of the black pepper Daisuke purchased. Used to make "The Devil's Natto Rice" Daisuke served to Suzue.
TOTAL ¥55,616 ~$511.67 Total cost for the purchases and damages done in Episode 4.
* This is assuming a conversion rate of 1 Japanese Yen (¥) = 0.0092 US Dollars ($).

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  1. Label names are based off of fan translations by the unofficial English translation account.