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Love does much, money does everything (愛は多くを成し得るが、金は全てを成し得る Ai wa ōku o nashi eruga, kin wa subete o nashi eru) is the second episode of Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


A visibly upset Haru Kato tells his boss, Yukihiro Kiyomizu, that he cannot be a suitable mentor for Daisuke Kambe. Yukihiro listens to his concerns and tells him not to worry about it then, as Daisuke should be able to take care of himself anyways as an adult. On cue, Daisuke enters the office and Yukihiro guides him to his seat. As Mahoro Saeki offers the newcomer some candy, Shinnosuke Kamei yells over something on his computer and, exasperated at the noise, Haru tells him to be quiet. Shinnosuke exclaims that the model Akiko Hoshida had passed away from a drug overdose, which greatly shocks Haru as he shouts and forces his way past Shinnosuke to glance at the screen.

Shinnosuke dejectedly comments on how Akiko was Haru's favorite model, but Haru ignores him and asks why they were receiving news through the media and not through the case. Shinnosuke informs him that their department doesn't receive this type of information. Mahoro sadly watches them as Daisuke chews the candy.

Haru infuriated with Daisuke's presence.

Haru then tells his chief that he would be making his way over to the Stop Shoplifting Campaign and wistfully exits the room into the hallway. His thoughts are interrupted, however, by Daisuke following him. Annoyed, Haru asks him why he was accompanying him and that he would be alright by himself, but Daisuke insists on coming along.

The pair arrive at Shinjuku and walk past its station, where they see two entertainers perform. Haru stops to watch them and notes how desperate they are. Daisuke immediately drops a 10k yen bill into their donation hat and they excitedly claim it and leave to drink. Haru tells Daisuke off and tries to inform him that the performers weren't acting for money; rather, they were doing it to improve their own skills and by giving them money, they lose their motivation to work. Daisuke ignores him and sniffs, pointing out the presence of mescaline much to the performers' dismay.

Daisuke interrogates his subject.

The next day, the performers are interrogated separately in two rooms, A and B. Daisuke sits in room A and questions his subject about his possession of the drug, using his technologically-advanced gear to point out the lies and inconsistencies. After further interrogation in which Daisuke offers to buy information, Haru watches from the side and, disgusted by Daisuke's methods, leaves the room. He meets up with Shinnosuke and complains to him about Daisuke, stating how Daisuke should learn from his superior, Chosuke Nakamoto.

In the second interrogation room, room B, Chosuke guilts his subject into confessing whom he had obtained the drugs from, a model named Yuta Isezaki. Both he and Daisuke exit their rooms and reveal the same name: Isezaki. Daisuke's subject happily exclaims in the background about the money transferred to him.

A black-haired woman enters Isezaki's car.

Haru and Daisuke go to investigate Isezaki with Haru's friend, reporter Akira Mita, who introduces himself as a freelance journalist for "Weekly Bunshu." The trio observe Isezaki's actions as he spends his week with numerous female models from a company named Millennium Entertainment. The model then meets up with another group of girls, one of which Haru is unable to recognize but becomes infatuated with. Akira notices that this black-haired girl is likely Isezaki's “favorite” as she joins him in his car.

Daisuke holds Haru back.

They follow Isezaki into a parking lot, where he begins making advances on the girl, distressing Haru as Akira comments on how innocent he is. Another car joins Isezaki and a man comes out, exchanging money for drugs. Haru tries to go arrest them, but Daisuke holds him back and convinces them to stall for a bit so they can link Isezaki to the person providing him with the drugs.

Over the next couple of days, Haru, Daisuke, and Akira continue tracking Isezaki. One evening, a tired Haru lays in his car with visible eyebags and is interrupted by Akira inquiring about Daisuke's whereabouts. Haru bluntly states how he was likely bored of the stakeout. He then shows Akira a lead he had found, connecting Isezaki's drug business with the Gondawara group and the pretty woman as a liaison. Akira comments on his find, then tells him to go home because of how poorly he smelled.

The myserious woman enters her car.

Haru heads over to a parking garage, however, right after he parks, he sees the black-haired girl he had dubbed as a liaison earlier entering a car. As she drives away, he follows her and enters a forest but gets lost. After attempting to decipher his location, he sees a faint light and follows to an extravagant mansion. When he stands in its driveway, Daisuke comes out of a car and the two question each other why they were there.

Daisuke invites Haru in and asks a butler to help prepare a meal for them. As they enter an elevator, Haru explains his findings and how he had been following the woman after suspecting her involvement, ending up at the mansion. They arrive in a large basement with multiple futuristic displays and machinery. Haru is stunned after spotting an armored vehicle, but is even more surprised as the black-haired girl he had been following comes out from under it in maintenance clothing. The girl greets Haru and introduces herself as Suzue Kambe. Haru notices her last name and glances at Daisuke. Appalled, he loudly exclaims how the building must be Daisuke's house.

Suzue wonders about Haru's actions.

Haru sees a patrol dog costume as the trio discuss the situation with the drugs, and Suzue reveals that she had been doing undercover work for Daisuke. She explains that the Gondawara group's control center could be labeled onto a man named Umezu, and he would be attending a drug party soon with others involved in the business. Daisuke outlines his plan on using money to arrest Umezu and destroy the group, but Haru expresses his hate for this method and leaves, expressing that he will do things in his own, correct way.

Haru meets up with Akira again, who also gives him information about the party. After looking at the participant list, he notices how they all have codenames and that was likely the key to infiltrating the party. The night of the party, Haru steals an attendant's clothing and poses as him with the codename “Whiskey,” successfully making it in while depositing his belongings.

The costumed individual runs away with the evidence.

After searching through the party, Haru pinpoints Umezu and steals his cellphone while he is preoccupied with a girl. He makes his way back to the entrance, and the security guard goes to get his belongings. However, while Haru waits, Umezu shouts that his phone is missing and the guard suspiciously glances at Haru, who unsuccessfully feigns innocence. They struggle against each other and the guard gains the upper hand as the phone falls out of Haru's pocket. Before he can grab it, he gets hit by a wine bottle thrown by a person in the patrol dog costume Haru had spotted at the Kambe residence. The individual grabs the phone and makes his way up to the roof, followed by Haru and a crowd of angry party members.

Daisuke prepares to shoot the poison gas.

Haru is able to make it to the roof and locks the door behind him. The individual in the costume reveals himself to be Akira, who happily wonders when the deposit would happen. They're interrupted by a helicopter manned by Suzue, after which Akira apologizes to Haru that he only has one gas mask for himself. As the party crowd makes it past the doors, Daisuke appears in the helicopter, purchases the tower, and shoots poison gas to the roof which incapacitates Haru and the other party members.

Haru's past in Investigation Division I.

After the events on the rooftop, Umezu, the Gondawara group, Isezaki, and other individuals are arrested for being involved in the illegal drug business with evidence from the cellphone. Haru, Shinnosuke, and Teppei Yumoto watch the news and listen to how the charges for the murder of Akiko Hoshida would also be placed. Daisuke enters the room and Haru takes him outside to confront him, angrily conveying that someone like him should not be working with the police. Daisuke questions him on his motive for becoming a cop and after hearing his answer, comments on how he heard about Haru's past in Investigation Division I. Haru gradually gets angrier after Daisuke recounts how the reason for his division change was due to injuring a person via misfire, and that he hadn't been able to fire a gun since. Haru grabs his collar and then walks away as Daisuke watches him.

Haru boards Daisuke's jet to Hong Kong.

Later, the chief requests Haru to head over to Hong Kong for a meeting. Haru complies and Yukihiro happily tells him to ask Daisuke for details. He agrees, then suddenly realizes what his boss had just said. A shocked Haru is then placed on Daisuke's private jet as the pair take off to Hong Kong.

Costs Incurred[1]

Purchase/Damage Cost (¥) USD Cost ($)* Notes
Entertainer donation ¥10,000 ~$92.00 The amount Daisuke donated to street performers.
Information purchase from entertainer ¥1,000,000 ~$9200.00 N/A
Custom ramen costs ¥100,000 ~$920.00 Cost to create Daisuke's custom ramen shared between him and Akira.
Services from Akira Mita ¥5,000,000 ~$46000.00 Amount paid to reporter Akira Mita to help infiltrate the party and obtain evidence.
Purchase of "THE・TOWER" ¥83,000,000,000 ~$763600000.00 N/A
TOTAL ¥83,006,110,000 ~$763656212.00 Total cost for the purchases and damages done in Episode 2.
* This is assuming a conversion rate of 1 Japanese Yen (¥) = 0.0092 US Dollars ($).

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Haru and Daisuke investigate a drug business with the help of journalist Akira Mita.
  • Suzue Kambe is introduced to Haru.
  • Daisuke purchases THE・TOWER (ザ・タワー Za Tawā), the tower where the drug party was hosted.
  • The total amount paid by Daisuke for damages and other costs add up to ¥83,006,110,000.




  • After enjoying cup noodles when he tasted them for the first time during their stakeout, Daisuke makes custom cup noodles branded “Kambe Noodles,” which he eats with Akira.


  1. Label names are based off of fan translations by the unofficial English translation account.