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I came, I saw, I sponsored (来た、見た、買った Kita, mita, katta) is the first episode of Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Daisuke Kambe briefly narrates his early life and states that he believed his childhood was happy. However, there was a day where everything changed for him and life became much more boring.

Haru takes the call from the Security Division.

Haru Kato walks through the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force's headquarters and encounters Ryo Hoshino rushing through the hallway with other agents. He asks Ryo if there was anything going on, but Ryo denies it.

Once he arrives at his desk, Haru asks his coworker Shinnosuke Kamei if he had heard anything going on that would require Division 1's support, but Shinnosuke replies that he has not. After their quick chat, Haru receives a call from the Security Department saying they are short on manpower for the car festival in Ginza. Haru talks with Yukihiro Kiyomizu, the department's chief, and he is instructed to be the one to provide backup with Shinnosuke, whom Haru convinces to come along. Meanwhile, Daisuke boards a flight to Japan and arrives in a luxurious plane.

Daisuke and Haru pass each other in their cars.

Haru and Shinnosuke leave their office to help out at the festival. On the way there, Shinnosuke comments on the former's previous position as a member of Division 1, which results in Haru aggressively stopping the car. At a traffic light, they see a fancy car and bitterly comment on it, passing by Daisuke who was driving the extravagant car. The pair arrive at the festival and notice the large crowd. Shinnosuke points out that the crowd is likely due to the arrival of Aruba Emirates' prince. They encounter Ryo and ask about the case he had been working on, but he brushes them off and expresses that it was in the hands of Division 1. Ryo then receives a call which Haru intercepts, and he hears a voice saying that the man suspected of being the bomber had been located and was being brought under custody.

Haru takes Ryo's earpiece to listen.

Angered at the fact the event wasn't being cancelled even though they had learned of the crime beforehand, Haru questions Ryo and his partner. They reveal that they had tried to cancel it, but their suggestion was denied as the prince's presence was of too much importance. Haru tries to argue this fact, but Ryo turns him down and clarifies that the police have to work well with the government.

At the Police Superintendent's office, Daisuke talks with the general. He requests to be placed in the Detective Division, even after the Superintendent tells him he could arrange for him to be in the First or Second Investigation Division. They both take a smoking break and the Superintendent picks up a call. He is happy to hear the bomber suspect has been detained and asks about the location of the bomb.

Near the festival, two civilians—Yoko and her presumed boyfriend Hiroshi—look for a jewelry store to rob. They see a shop across the street that appears easy to rob with its lack of security guards and threaten the owner for all of its money and jewelry. The store turns out to be a chocolate shop, much to their dismay.

Haru, Shinnosuke, and Ryo listen for instructions about the bomb.

Ryo receives another call and Haru and Shinnosuke listen. They are notified that the bomb is still located in a white van across the street and begin to look for it. At that moment, Yoko and Hiroshi escape the chocolate store and bump into a security guard, Motoyama, who Shinnosuke is on good terms with. When Shinnosuke tries to help his friend up, Yoko shoots him in the chest. The robbers see the keys in the van and drive away in it while Ryo and his partner chase after them.

Daisuke proves his affiliation with the Detective Division.

Shinnosuke dramatically speaks after getting shot, but he is kicked by Haru who reveals his “blood” was just red paint. They both suddenly hear loud noises and rush to the festival, where they see a car pushing its way through the street. When it is about to hit a few civilians, Haru runs in front of them to force the car to turn and hit a utility pole. Daisuke comes out and reveals he had been appointed to the Detective Division of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Daisuke communicates with HEUSC.

Daisuke spots the car used by Prince Abura and forcibly buys it for one billion yen with the help of his AI butler, HEUSC. After sending the money to the prince, he begins to chase the van after Haru narrowly jumps into the car with him. When Haru tries to question Daisuke about how he would go about solving the case, he is ignored and Daisuke insteads instructs HEUSC to help him create a path to the van. The AI complies and accommodates his vehicle by altering the traffic lights, trapping the numerous police cars going after the van but clearing a way for Daisuke. Daisuke tails Yoko and Hiroshi onto an opening drawbridge and pushes the van off, but not before Hiroshi escapes and Haru saves Yoko. The bomb explodes in the water.

Daisuke smugly watches Haru dangle from the bridge.

After the last-second rescue, Haru dangles from the bridge and barely clings on. Daisuke walks up to him and glances at his predicament, smiling as Haru loses his grip and falls into the water, though he survives with a scratch on his head.

The next day, Yukihiro announces Daisuke's affiliation with the Detective Division, shocking Haru. He confronts Daisuke on the building's roof about his way of solving cases and Daisuke considers Haru's criticism, asking him how much he wanted him to pay. Furious, Haru angrily walks towards him.

Costs Incurred[1]

Purchase/Damage Cost (¥) USD Cost ($)* Notes
Crash damages ¥192,000,000 ~$1766400.00 Reimbursement for the damage done to vehicles when Daisuke pushed through them at the festival.
Repair costs for Daisuke's vehicles ¥20,000,000 ~$184000.00 N/A
Utility pole damage ¥16,000,000 ~$147200.00 Cost to repair the utility pole Daisuke crashed in to.
Vehicle purchase from the prince ¥1,000,000,000 ~$9200000.00 The prince originally asked for ¥300,000,000 ($2,768,805.30), but Daisuke gave him extra.
Criminal property damage (double the stated amount) ¥126,800,000 ~$1166560.00 As the amount Daisuke provided for compensation was double of the original cost, the initial cost would be around ¥63,400,000 (~$585,140.85).
Traffic light manipulation costs ¥15,000,000 ~$138000.00 Cost for HEUSC's tampering with traffic lights to clear a path for Daisuke.
TOTAL ¥1,369,800,000 ~$12602160.00 Total cost for the purchases and damages done in Episode 1.
* This is assuming a conversion rate of 1 Japanese Yen (¥) = 0.0092 US Dollars ($).

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Daisuke arrives in Japan and joins the Detective Division of the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force, where Haru is currently placed.
  • Daisuke purchases an AC Cobra from the prince.
  • The total amount paid by Daisuke for damages and other costs add up to ¥1,369,800,000.




  • This episode takes place on April 12, 2020.
  • Daisuke's license plate says 590-31.
  • The prince's car is an AC Cobra.
  • An interview with Series Composition/Script staff member Taku Kishimoto is available on the official anime website.


  1. Label names are based off of fan translations by the unofficial English translation account.