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Daisuke Kambe (神戸大助 Kanbe Daisuke) is one of the main characters from Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited. He currently works in the Detective Division for the Metropolitan Police Department.


Daisuke is a scion of the billionaire Kambe family. Utilizing abundant financial resources and the latest technology, he solves various cases in a semi-aggressive manner. He becomes a member of the Metropolitan Police Department's Modern Crime Prevention Task Force, and forms buddies with Haru Kato. However, he seems to have no ear to hear what Kato says.


Daisuke is a young man of average stature. He has dull blue-gray eyes, thick eyebrows, and short, slicked-back black hair. When his hair is down, his bangs fall unevenly across his forehead and reach past his eyebrows.

Daisuke often wears various layers. His three-piece suit consists of a black blazer that is paired with dress pants of the same color and a black waistcoat. He wears dark brown dress shoes and a maroon dress shirt with a white collar underneath the suit. His collar and cuffs are adorned with rectangular links, and a tie bar is clipped onto his black and gray-striped tie. He additionally wears a watch and a ball-shaped earring, connected to his A.I. butler, HEUSC. On occasion, Daisuke is seen donning a black topcoat, gloves, and sunglasses.

For casual wear, Daisuke wears a white dress shirt with a gray waistcoat and black pants.


Calm and composed, Daisuke does not often let things get under his skin. Even when others around him are visibly agitated, Daisuke remains mostly unfazed. To some, this may come off as intimidating or haughty. He is crafty in his unconventional methods of solving cases. He can maintain his calm, even under situations of high pressure.

Daisuke holds a notable belief that money is the solution to everything. Often performing his police duties with notions of bribery and over-extravagant schemes involving lavish tech and showy connections, he seems to be unable to grasp the value of morals or human life such as when he willingly endangers several people in his ploy to save a city from a bomb and offers to write Haru a check when the latter confronts him about his actions.[3]

Whenever he is amused, Daisuke's expression turns into a smug smirk.


  • The name Daisuke means "big, great" (大) (dai) and "help, rescue, assist" (助) (suke).
  • Daisuke's surname Kambe means "god" (神) (kam) and "door" (戸) (be).


  • Gosho Aoyama, the mangaka of the ongoing series Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, chose to draw and introduce Daisuke Kanbe from the Fugou Keiji novel in Volume 63 within the frame of his "Detective Picture Book" special feature.[4][5]
  • According to his official data profile, Daisuke's hobbies and skills include smoking cigars and boxing.[6]
  • Suzue reveals she elevates Daisuke's shoes by five centimeters, and, at one point, seven centimeters.[7]
  • Daisuke has recently overcome his dislike of natto.[7]


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