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Akira Mita (三田 彰 Mita Akira) is a minor character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Akira Mita is a freelance entertainment journalist. He also assists Haru Kato as an information broker and photographer.


Akira is a fairly short man with a pudgy build. He has small, thin eyebrows and a stubble. Circle glasses frame his dark brown eyes.

He wears a purple shirt and a gray shirt under a light turquoise shirt jacket. Along with that, he wears beige pants and brown shoes.


Akira is a buoyant and lighthearted person who becomes very eager when excited, but he's also quick to tease. Because of his experience as a journalist, he can also be quite insistent to acquire new scoops and information.


Episode 2

Akira introduces himself to Daisuke.

Akira joins Haru Kato and Daisuke Kambe on their stakeout, introducing himself as a freelance journalist for the "Weekly Bunshu," who would risk his life for Haru. While the trio are enjoying cup ramen, Akira sees the suspect of drug dealings exiting a building, commenting how the girls he's with are centerfold models from Millennium Entertainment.

Over the time span of a week, the three follow the suspect, Yuta Isezaki, as he spends his nights with various other female models, until one night where they see Isezaki talking to a mysterious woman who they dub as his favorite. Haru is briefly infatuated with her until she's spotted accepting Isezaki’s advancements, to which Akira jabs at Haru for being too innocent. When Isezaki steps out of his car to secure a drug deal, Akira snaps multiple photographs as evidence.

In a stakeout montage, Akira is shown eating expensive ramen with Daisuke in a fancy restaurant, contrasting Haru who spends the night watching Isezaki and eating cheap cup ramen.

A few nights later, he taps his knuckle against Haru’s car window. He questions Daisuke’s whereabouts, and Haru bitterly replies that he probably got bored of being a detective. Akira changes the subject to ask about any new leads, and Haru wearily informs him. However, he is distracted when he notices Haru’s lack of basic hygiene, and repulsed, suggests Haru go home and take a shower. 

Akira later gives more details to Haru on an upcoming party held by the crime boss, Mikio Umezu. He explains that he grilled the information from an underling at Millennium Entertainment, and everyone attending is going by an alias. He warns Haru against sneaking into the party, but Haru only smirks in response, letting him out of the car.

Patrol-kun runs off with Gondawara-gumi's phone.

When a commotion starts at the party, Patrol-kun, the police department mascot, comes to Haru’s aid by throwing an empty beer bottle at his attacker. Patrol-kun grabs Umezu’s phone from the ground and begins to run to the roof of The Tower. Haru follows him and bars the doors to the roof when Patrol-kun pops off the mascot head to reveal Akira. Haru begins to think that he had unintentionally put Akira’s life in danger, but Akira only asks when the deposit will happen. When their pursuers forcefully open the roof doors, a helicopter had already begun to station itself to attack. Akira apologizes to Haru, saying he only has one gas mask, as Daisuke opens the window of the helicopter and begins shooting The Tower with missiles that produce a poison gas, leaving Haru to suffer its effects.


Haru Kato

Akira believes himself to be very dedicated to Haru. In the past, Haru had scolded Akira for working with a bad company, so he decided to start working with Haru, saying that he would risk his life for him. This is later discredited at the end of Episode 2 when Akira apologized to him, and let Haru faint from the poison gas Daisuke had shot into the Tower.

However, the two are shown to be fairly friendly, and work together well.

Daisuke Kambe

Daisuke and Akira became acquainted on a stakeout. Because Daisuke was secretly getting intel from an undercover agent, he had begun to formulate a plan without Haru Kato. Daisuke bribed Akira with a plentiful deposit and Kambe branded executive noodles.


  • The name Akira means "patent, clear" (彰).
  • Akira's surname Mita means "three" (三) (mi) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).

三田 彰